Rapidcoat Nano Rinse | 5 Litres

Rapidcoat Nano Rinse | 5 Litres

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Rapidcoat is a spray on, rinse off Nano coating that will give up to 3 months of protection for all exterior surfaces of your car. 

It has amazing hydrophobic qualities and will bead and sheet like a freshly hand waxed car would.

Rapidcoat is a Nano Sealant that takes seconds to use with outstanding results.

To use :-

Wash and rinse your vehicle.

Spray the product onto the wet surface covering the vehicle.

For best results, a pressure washer should be used to rinse off this product to ensure the coating is thoroughly rinsed away. That's it, your vehicle is now protected with Rapidcoat

Do not use on hot panels or in direct sunlight as this can cause spotting as the Nano particles dry out too quickly.


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