Boost | si02 Spray Sealant
Boost | si02 Spray Sealant

Boost | si02 Spray Sealant

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Boost is our si02 infused Spray sealant which will create a protective layer on your paintwork and will bead water like a full blown ceramic coating - Very very high, loose beads that fly off when driving.

With it’s ceramic properties Boost will increase depth of shine to your paintwork, protect it from harmful UV Rays, Bird Lime, Acid Rain and will keep your car looking cleaner for longer.

Boost si02 sealant will actually lay down a physical layer of skin or wrap that sits on top of your paint protecting from the elements. 

It will bead and sheet water very effectively and lasts for months - Up to 6 months per layer. 

Boost is very easy to use. It causes the protected surface to have incredibly low surface energy which basically means that water does not like to sit on top of it and will bead heavily.  It becomes very hydrophobic

In a nutshell, Boost will bead water and keep your car cleaner for longer and be a lot easier to clean once protected with Boost


Using 2 microfibre cloths, 1 to apply and one to remove. Spray 2 sprays onto the first microfibre folded into 4 and apply lightly across the panel and immediately remove with the second cloth.

if it dries too quickly just apply again and remove immediately. 


Directions for use 

  • Wash and dry your vehicle to ensure this product has a clean, dry surface to bond to. It's not essential to clay bar the surface but the better the prep, the better the performance. 
  • Spray the product onto a microfibre applicator or cloth and spread across the surface in straight lines overlapping to ensure full coverage.
  • Remove as quickly as possible almost like you would with a Quick Detailer Spray.
  • Coat one panel at a time and on larger panels be sure to split the panel into sections ie roof do in 4 sections before moving on (Again don't forget to overlap to ensure you're coating the whole surface).
  • If you see areas that have dried too quickly just apply some more to the area and remove quickly.

It is very simple to use and a video will be coming in the next week to demonstrate it's use. 

Here is a video of the beading of this product after 1 month of it being on our 5 Series :-




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