Celator | Swirl Filling | Quick Detail | Polish

Celator | Swirl Filling | Quick Detail | Polish

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Celator (Latin for Concealer/ Hider) is a Spray on | Wipe Off Quick Detailer or Polish. 

It's kind of a hybrid.

It will fill light swirls and hazing and give your car a fantastic shine and lustre and is as easy as any QD to use. 

Packed full of wax and other secret sauces, Celator is a must. Even if you're not looking for swirl filling or gloss boosting, it can be used on most surfaces  (glass, carpet and Leather are not recommended) and is fantastic under the engine bay as a dressing, Rubbers and plastics also.

Just look at the pictures and video to show you how good it really is.


Video here :-


The picture is of a mistreated Aston Martin.